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There are numbers of factors that might influence an individual with regards to achieving success in life. And one among these factors could be the experience just like how this factor affects the life of Thomas Carnevale. Due to his experiences, he is now known as one among the most successful individuals in terms of technology industry. Thomas Carnevale is the Chairman and the CEO of Sentry 360 but aside from that, he still extends his expertise to other individuals or companies as a consultant. And because of that, he is referred to be a man of experiences and so some of his experiences are the following:

1. Independent Scholar Level Security Technology Consultant at Gerson Lehrman Group (February 2004) – This company, Gerson Lehrman Group Councils, is known as networks of physicians, attorneys, engineers, scientists, market researchers, consultants and other professionals in this world. The members of this company will be leveraging the sophisticated proprietary system of the company for the purpose of categorizing experience and expertise. The professionals are to use the systems to offer quick and relevant Council Members that will help clients about understanding the companies, products, services, industries and issues. There is a continuous expansion of the councils by the professional of the company in Asia, US and Europe through adding thousands of new council members monthly. Research professionals would be recruiting 14 languages all over the world.


2. President/CEO of Sentry 360 Security (September 2004) – His company is the leading provider of an advanced surveillance cameras for security in the market. With the products offered by the company, there would be an assurance that no blind spots would be delivered as well as no moving parts in order to provide complete professional awareness.

3. Independent Security Technology Consultant at Guidepoint Global (March 2010) – This company is considered as a primary research company that provides business as well as decision makers having an on demand access of the worldwide network within the experts industry. The clients of the company include some of the leading private companies, mutual funds, hedge funds and strategy consultancies.

This company is into providing clients with personalized information solutions needed to make decisions through phone consultations, face to face meetings and also proprietary data products and services.
These are just among the numbers of experiences that Thomas Carnevale has and there are still a lot more wherein influenced him to be a very successful individual in the world.

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